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Scholarship for Public Health at Curtin University in Australia 2021

Curtin University is happy to offer an international Public Health Scholarship for students wishing to conduct epidemiological research at the School of Public Health at Curtin University. The Public Health Scholarship grant is open to individuals who wish to pursue a PhD in public health or related field. For consideration, students must have earned an honors-level…

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2022/2023 Scholarship at the University of Manchester

Applications for the University of Manchester Scholarship are being accepted at the time of publication. University of Manchester scholarships for selected master’s degrees are available to students from Ethiopia who meet the requirements of Manchester Equity & Merit. Table of Contents SEE ALSO: University of Oulu International Scholarships in Finland 2022 Equity and Merit Scholarships are…

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University of Oulu International Scholarships in Finland 2022

Awarded to academically exceptional candidates from all over the world, the University of Oulu International Scholarships provide financial assistance to those who will be enrolling in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program at the University of Oulu. Founded in 1958, the University of Oulu in Finland is a leading worldwide science institution that is often regarded…

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University of Waterloo Arthur F. ,Church Mechanical Engineering Scholarships

University of Waterloo Arthur F. Church Mechanical Engineering Scholarships

By offering world-class academic programs, internship opportunities, and excellence in both education and research, the University of Waterloo attracts students from all over the world. The institution takes advantage of the one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with and be fostered by a world-class collection of academic professionals, and it does so aggressively. For the past 28 years,…

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